Case Study

Fall 2021 – Spring 2022
Tools used
Illustrator, Xd, Photoshop, InDesign
The mission
Defining the problem
Many individuals stray away from playing sports because they are unable to find others to play with or lack the tools required to find like-minded individuals in their area. The result of this is an increasing number of individuals who are staying home rather than getting outside and staying active.

Activ's mission
Leading an active lifestyle is integral to maintaining a healthy mind and body. Activ is focused on encouraging spontaneity, promoting a healthier lifestyle, and getting you back on track to being the best version of yourself.
the brand
The logo & colour palette
The goal was to create a logo that invoked the energetic feel that the brand is trying to encourage. Sharp angles and bold colours bring energy and movement but maintain order and feel intentional. It was important that the logo not feel too aggressive or masculine, so it would appeal to a broad target audience.

The bold and saturated red, blue, and yellow are used to invoke energy and strength while doubling as a nod to their use in sports on courts, turfs, and rinks. Activ appeals as a modern brand so shades of dark grey, black, and white bring a strong modern contrast that fits the image of the brand.
brand guidelines
As part of the project deliverables, a multi-page brand guidelines booklet was created that includes information on typography, colour, and logo usage.
poster ad campaign
A poster campaign was created that will feature a series of posters used for general advertisement as well as the promotion of limited-time events hosted by Activ.
The app
why an app?
The purpose of the app was to facilitate users with an easy way to communicate and organize events within their own local communities. An app was going to be the most efficient and effective way of doing this. The primary focus was usability and functionality, the app had to be available for everyone and completely intuitive for all users.

As a step in researching the target user, I created an example user journey map. This indicates potential frustrations and complications that a user may have and how this app can alleviate those.
wireframes & prototyping
Wireframing is an important step in the UI/UX design process. It allows the designer to understand and visualize what the user can be expected to experience, without having to take the time to flesh out the full design. After gathering user feedback, I discovered I was missing a key component to a fluent user experience — there had to be a way for users to leave events that they could no longer attend. 
app pages
With the focus being on functionality and ease of use, there was no need to create an elaborate system of pages and settings. I wanted the user to be able to jump onto the app and immediately understand how it works and use it to its full capabilities. 
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