mse precast

Rebrand & Visual Identity

Summer 2021
Tools used
Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign
The challenge
The challenge with this project was to redesign a modern logo for MSE Precast that would replace the current outdated logo that they had been using for the past 10+ years. MSE already had an established place in the precast industry, so it was important that the logo was still recognizable and didn't alienate current clientele.
my approach
My approach for this project was to research and identify the inspiration and meaning behind the current logo and design a new logo that would feel more timeless and modern. Attempting to maintain familiarity,  I created a refreshed logo that contained updated typography, colours, and refined linework. Along with the logo, I created a new set of business cards and a product brochure that would apply the updated visual identity of the brand to create cohesiveness across all mediums.
What I did
For this project, I used Adobe Illustrator to design a modern visualization of the old logo. I used Adobe InDesign to create accompanying business cards, as well as a product brochure that could be used as a marketing tool.
the logos
MSE Precast is an established construction company, so when rebranding the logos it was vital that I include alternative logos for varying applications. This is why alongside the primary logo, I also designed two alternative lockups. One of which could be used for apparel and less formal applications, as well as a version meant for letterheads and other legal documentation.
brand photography
With a number of unique construction jobs completed, MSE had a surprisingly extensive catalogue of photography throughout the years. Part of my role during this rebrand was to sort through these images and find suitable photos that could be used across branding material.
product booklet
With the company going through a rebrand, it was the perfect time to ramp up the marketing materials as well. I created a product advertisement brochure that salesmen could use to sell existing customers on new products, as well as bring in new customers.
Business cards
Since we were updating the existing logo, a new set of business cards had to be created that adhered to the updated branding. 
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